Ugly Baby and La Ru opened it's doors on October 20th, 2012. The co-owners, Rosalie Gale of Ugly Baby and Lauren Rudeck of La Ru joined forces and combined their business names to create the oddity that is Ugly Baby and La Ru. Rosalie and Lauren sell their own artwork as well as D.I.Y craft kits made by indie artists.

Rosalie Gale

I am a waterproof Shower Art maker, ex-stand-up comedian and blogger who is currently obsessed with German board games, Bikram yoga and free-motion embroidery. I run bARTer Sauce, an experiment in trading for art and odd objects. I also launched Unanimous Craft - a directory of resources for Indie Business and EtsySaver - a site where Etsy sellers can submit coupons and Etsy shoppers can search for deals. If you're looking for a new website, I also build Drupal websites with my husband Doug.

Lauren Rudeck

I enjoy drawing things that make people smile and using bright colors. I received my Masters of Architecture from Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, NY. I am currently finishing the seven test required to become a licensed architect and hope to one day combine La Ru and architecture. In the summer of 2008 I started a Seattle craft group which inspired me to start making wearable art out of my drawings. We try to meet once a month for a craft night at the studio, message me if you'd like to join us. I love animals. If it wasn't for my boyfriend Matt, we would probably have a zoo of animals at our house. We currently share our loft with two rabbits Zim and Roomba and a cat named Xuxa (pronounced Zoo-sha).

Evan Rudeck

Evan works in the shop four days a week. He's Lauren's brother. Or she's his sister. One of the two. Or both.

The Baby, Douglas Gale

Douglas Gale, Rosalie's husband, is the ugly baby. The logo is based on a photo of him on the day he was born. He's handsome now -- but maybe they should have let him fill out just a bit before snapping that picture.


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